ICT41215 - Certificate IV Telecommunications Engineering Technology

Course Overview

This nationally recognised qualification is the ideal traineeship for technicians and electricians who wish to upskill to take advantage of emerging technologies associated with the NBN,
smart wiring installations or commercial based IP systems. There are no technical pre-requisites to participate in this traineeship.

This qualification is quite diverse as it covers a wide range of industries and job outcomes. Ramsden Training understand that a one size fits all approach to training is not practical in today’s
technical environment, the diverse range of jobs and technical skills requires technicians to have different skill sets to be able to competently complete a task and understand the ever-changing technical environment.

To facilitate this Ramsden have developed this course with a range of streams applicable to different outcomes. The different streams are outlined below.

The qualification can also be structured based on the individual requirement of an enterprise.

Course Delivery

This course is designed to be modular utilising flexible delivery methods. The course is scheduled to be completed over the period of one year. 


There are no prerequisites to attend the course as this course is designed to take a trainee technician through all the necessary steps to obtain this qualification.


On successful completion of this course the student will be awarded a full Certificate IV in Telecommunications Engineering Technology (ICT41215)

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