NBN Ribbon Fibre Cabling, Preparation, Splicing and Enclosures NBNACC13004A

Course Description

This course provides workers with nationally consistent training and instruction to prepare, splice and enclose ribbon fibre in National Broadband Network (NBN) utilised splice enclosures. The course covers the assembly and installation of ribbon fibre in Local, Access and Distribution Joints.

Target Audience

Any worker engaged or contracted to engage in the following activities is recommended to complete this course:

  • Installation of splice enclosures
  • Splicing of ribbon fibre in the NBN network
  • Repairing network outages caused by fibre breaks
  • Quality inspection of passive plant in the NBN network


This course is designed for participants with a fundamental knowledge of:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of underground telecommunications infrastructure and fibre optic cable handling procedures, including hauling, coiling, mounting enclosures and health and safety best practices
  • Extensive experience stripping, cleaning, preparing, splicing assembling and inspecting ribbon fibre optic cables and connectors
  • Extensive experience enclosing fibre optic cable in telecommunications joints and terminals
  • Extensive experience preparing, organising and placing spliced fibre optic cables into splice and patch racks, fibre break out units, racks and cassettes

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the Prepare, Splice and Enclose Ribbon Fibre course, participants should be able to:

  • Identify key components in the NBN Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) network
  • Identify the structure of Ribbon Fibre sheaths used in the NBN network
  • Identify splice enclosures and labelling arrangements for fibre joints
  • Outline the requirements while working with Telstra infrastructure
  • Demonstrate fibre hygiene practices to required standards
  • Demonstrate the ability to splice and install ribbon fibre in NBN Co Local, Access and Distribution Joints (LJL, AJL, DJL) to required standards
  • Demonstrate the ability to assemble fibre joints to required standards and mount in underground infrastructure


Classroom based instruction and assessment to be led by an experienced telecommunications industry trainer. Recommended course duration is 4 days for a group of experienced workers, however, more time may be required if the participants have a lower level of pre-existing telecommunications skills/knowledge and/or a lower level of literacy, language and numeracy abilities.


Competency is assessed using a variety of assessment methods that may include:

  • Completion of an integrated assessment activity tool
  • Examination
  • Presentation
  • Project
  • Research
  • Practical lab activity in a simulated work environment
  • Third party performance reports

Cost $2,500

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