Power Awareness

This training course is designed for non‐electrical workers who wish to conduct telecommunications and other activities that require the individual to work safely and comply with requirements and/or established procedures near live electrical apparatus that presents substantial safety hazards.

The course also covers compliance with working safely up to the defined “safe approach distance” near energised electrical apparatus (inc. electrical powerlines) for non-electrical workers.

The course covers:

  • Electrical Concepts
  • Poles
  • Working with Ladders
  • Working with EMF
  • Working with Permits
  • Pole Top Rescue


Online (90 day enrolment) followed by a 1/2 Day practical course


  • ICTWHS203 - Work Safely near power infrastructure
  • UETTDREL14A - Working safely near live electrical apparatus as a non electrical worker
  • UETTDRRF02B - Perform Pole Top Rescue *

*Prerequisite - Current Accredited CPR certificate

Cost $295

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